Our Free Gift Ethos...The Osmosis of Learning

We love nothing more than snuggling up under the stars with a good book to read together.  We love learning about the amazing things plants and animals can do and we hope you do to because our sole purpose in life is inspire you to read together by creating an immersive world of well-loved characters and learnings of nature.  We do it with our children, make it your gift to yours…

Donate A Book

We keep a list of schools and pre-schools nominated by people to receive donations of books from us.  For every 50 books we sell we donate a book - just let us know if you know of somewhere that wants one by emailing us here


As a team we love sharing our stories - If you would like to book us for a storytelling event of any kind … please contact us with some information about your event at…

Contacting us

To talk to us, please email us at:

The Gang

The K, A team is a garnered family affair - it started with writer and creator Anne-Marie and her financial wizzard husband Nick who can fortunately draw on their talented children:
illustrator: Natty,
artistic director: Si,
social media: Katie,
IT director: Rob
contributing editor and image director: Max
Director of listening and critical feedback: Beadle
as well as gap year throwbacks from Bella...

Anne MarieAnne-Marie is our artisan storyteller and purveyor of wild things.  She stalks Knot and Albert on their night-time adventures and reports on all that happens to them for you to read.  She also hand creates all of our merchandising. Albertways ready for feedback and suggestions – please contact her on

Knot, Albert has evolved organically and naturally through the circumstances that surround me as the author.  I grew up on a farm in Scotland and throughout my childhood my mother told me stories of the world around me giving me a perpetual love of the outside and its treasures.  I was growing vegetables at 3, climbing for damsons at 4 and cooking whelks on the beach at 5.

By the time I was 30 I found myself as a lawyer in London, travelling the world to solve global legal problems.  It was when we moved to the countryside, with several acres, a brook, a vegetable patch and all the other things my childhood had provided for me that I realised something had been missing.  I wanted to find a way to pass on my intuitive sense of belonging in the natural world to my seven children before it was too late.

I began to write short stories for, and with, my two youngest children, then  4 and 7. Each story is a five-minute nightly quest describing the adventures that I dreamt of my children having every day; of roaming free in the outside world, solving problems, growing food, loyalty and friendship whilst learning about birds, plants, music, stars etc.       

The next thing I knew, when my children were playing eye-spy they no longer said T-for-tree, they said H-for-Hawthorn, or C-for-Chestnut.  They no longer said F- for-flower but C-for-Cow-parsley or B-for-buttercup. They knew how to use a dock for a nettle sting and that wild garlic makes a handy snack.  This learning through love and imagination is something that belongs to those children forever.


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