Knot, Albert is an immersive world of gentle stories with lovable characters......  

The world is called the Outside and the characters are the Actuals. The two main characters are called Knot and Albert and, just as their children, or tedmen, get up every morning, so do the bears get up every evening, commute down the handrail and into the Outside world for their nightly adventures. The stories tell tales of the Actuals, without dumbing down the concepts or language, as they forage for fresh food, grow their own medicines and share knowledge of the world around them.

We want every child to be read to by an adult every week and by refreshing our stories weekly and making the characters recognisable to the children we hope to keep both children and adults engaged.

We also want every child to build a love and wonder of the natural world around them without them feeling like they are being forced to learn. We call it The Osmosis of Learning.

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