“So, the morning I met Knot had been another party night. Party nights often make Knot sparkle and this night was no exception. Knot is a small and beautiful golden bear with a heart to match the complexion.   I only had 5 minutes to get through my questions before Knot had spun a cartwheel and was running off in the direction of Albert. Knot, tell us what makes you happy:

“Ooooo, so many things: let me see; my nose, because I can do puppet shows and drink hot acorn with it; baths when floating around in rose petals but I DO NOT like being in freezing cold water.  I love my Tedman, and looking after other Actuals, dancing, chatting (I do love a good chat) and my scarf collection - it’s glorious.  Breakfast in bed.  Albert, he makes me happy, being at the garden canteen, seeing all my friends.

Hugging my Tedman as tightly as I can, hugs are good.”

Wow, that’s a lot of things making you happy, what about sad, what makes you sad?


Come on, some things must make you sad sometimes.

“Not really. Eh, I don’t get breakfast in bed as much as I would like. Sometimes I prick my paw on a rose thorn, it’s a bit hurty, is that sad?”

OK, we get it, you’re happy bear. What about you?  What makes you You?

“Ah, well, there really isn’t enough time for all that.  Warm summer nights, lazing about over the river, hot acorn, good food, being with my friends, being with Albert, yes, mostly Albert, Albert makes me me, there he is, Albert, wait up, I’m coming………….”


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