The Rest of the Gang

​The Vole family

Voley, Mrs Vole and their daughter Martha run the Garden Canteen for all the Actuals in the

Voley, Mrs Vole and their daughter Martha run the Garden Canteen for all the Actuals in the Outside.

Voley is kind and thoughtful, perhaps a bit more reserved but brilliant with all his customers, he takes pride in knowing them particularly.  You can sometimes detect a slight northern accent on him.

Mrs Vole is a kind, organised sort who spends most of her time in the kitchen or out gathering wonderful ingredients from the Outside, but she does take the odd day off to spend with her friend Melinae.   She wears tiny clogs on her feet and always smells sweetly of her gorgeous soaps.

Martha is the entrepreneur daughter of the Voles.  She’s inventive and full of energy. If you have any ideas of what to add to the menu or shop at the Garden Canteen Martha would love to hear from you - you can email her [here] and we’ll pass it on.

Dr Thum Belina

Dr Belina in action

Steady as a rock and with as much complex scientific knowledge as the star the rock came from Dr Belina is the head NINA at Hospital Hill.​

Pee Gee of Woodhouse

Pee Gee in Woodhouse

Pee-Gee the water vole lives on his own, in a small burrow on the bank of the river. He keeps a very neat house, not at all like a rat’s. He eats mostly sedge and other similar plants that grow there. He almost never goes down to the Garden Canteen – not his sort of place, he says. He’s sometimes called a water rat, sometimes a water vole.  Pee-Gee is a very dapper sort of a chap and tells wild and joyful stories of his imagination.


Flax the tawny owl

Flax is a stocky medium sized, reddish brown tawny owl in charge of the flying ambulance - it means he gets to say, ‘Nee-naw’ loudly and a lot.  With a GSOH, he and Albert go way back and so he will come to Albert’s whistle and even take Albert and Knot home when they’ve missed the owl bus.


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